Honda Antifreeze Truth

I have a 2000 Accord. Of course, the manual says I must use genuine Honda antifreeze from the dealer. But everytime I go to the dealer, he tries to see me unecessary services. I’d rather to the local mechanic and use the Prestone yellow stuff. You think that will be ok?

I’ve been using the Prestone Universal antifreeze since it came out. Why stock different antifreeze’s when one does the job? And in all the different vehicles I’ve installed this antifreeze in, not one problem. If you brought it to me for cooling system service, that’s what would go in.


I also don’t buy the Honda-only brake fluid. I replaced my brake fluid last summer with DOT-3 high boiling point synthetic brake fluid. It’s a hydrocarbon product, not silicone.

I know it’s a little off topic, but fits the thread as far as substituting fluids is concerned.

I believe the only picky fluid on Honda’s is automatic transmission kind. Otherwise put whatever meets the spec.

The Honda power steering fluid is also picky, but a lot of the aftermarket brands say they meet the Honda standard now.

All I know is my sisters 99crv had water pump changed and non honda anti freeze put in about 2 wks later it started overheating.
Had to replace radiator because antifreeze turned to jelly.
I was there, it looked like that slim stuff you put in tires, they flushed over and over and could not get it all out