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Another "what should I buy" question:)

I had 2001 Volvo S80 until a year ago that I loved, but alas things were starting to go wrong, it was cosmetically getting a little long-in-the-tooth, and the zinger was the transmission went, which would have cost in the $4000+ ballpark. So, I got rid of it and decided to go “sensible” and bought a 2008 Nissan Rogue. Everything about it fits my lifestyle—great throwing my 5-year-olds stuff in the back, good on gas, etc. EXCEPT–I find it utterly boring to drive. I miss my old Volvo–the power, the smooth ride on road trips, the nice interior, and so on.

I guess I just want a nice solid euro or similar sedan again.

So, as far as reliability/repair costs are concerned, for an older “luxury” sedan(say, no later than 2005), what makes are considered good bets? I’m considering another Volvo(I DO have a great Volvo mechanic already), Infiniti, Audi, Mercedes, Acura. . . .

All 2 cents appreciated!

Avoid the Euro brands. Reliability has not been very good.

Lexus, Acura, or Infinity would be much better choices.

Personally, I’d stay with the Rogue and save my money. None of the luxury brands will be as inexpensive to own and drive, and with a 5-year-old that should matter.

That’s 2 cents worth.

2006-2008 Acura TL. Earlier ones had transmission problems. the 07 model added a backup camera and a few other little goodies.

Bias admission: I own an '07 and like it very much.

A 2005 Volvo will ease your boredom quickly. It will also empty your wallet or purse.

Acura TL, TSX, Infiniti G37 would all be good.

Some years back, Click and Clack discussed this issue. They noted that a person would have a large vehicle that took quite a bit of fuel, decide then he/she wanted something more economical to run and trade for a smaller car. Once the person had the smaller car, the smaller car would seem too cramped and swap again to a larger vehicle. You have a similar problem. The Volvo became too expensive to maintain so you went to a “sensible” car. Now this “sensible” car seems boring, so you want another Volvo type car. I can see the cycle repeating, which of course, will make the car dealers very happy.
Since you mention used luxury cars, apparently you are not a new car buyer. To me it would make the most sense to keep the Nissan Rogue that you are currently driving. Save the monehy until you can afford a new luxury car. In the meantime, I can’t imagine a dull or boring moment with a five year old around.

I’d suggest a Mazda Cx-7, but you want a sedan instead, so the Mazda 6 would be a good choice to look at. With the V6, you should have plenty of get up and go, plus the handling on it should make it more fun to drive, while being pretty reliable to boot.

How about a second car? One that is fun but is not relied upon for your daily driver. I currently drive a manual Camry which is quite boring but it’s great for getting my 3 year old around. I am currently looking for a sporty convertible that I can drive around on weekends and when I’m not driving my 3 year old around.

Shouldn’t use Lexus or Infinity and reliable in the same sentance. Have you ever actually ever talked to a tech. about the disasters these two brands have hatched? Think Jag circa 1985.

Rogue is just a compact hatch on stilts. Perhaps a more entertaining compact hatch such as the Mazdaspeed3, VW GTI, Subaru WRX.

Very interesting, everybody! Thanks for the replies.
I suppose keeping the Rogue would ultimately be the the most sane thing to do . . . zzzzz

I’ll second looking at the Mazda line. They seem to make cars a little more fun to drive than other econo boxes. The three I know who own them, enjoy driving them a lot. The Rogue is stylish but you are right, still a Sentra in disguise…

2001 and 2005 are “older” cars? I envision an eighties Olds Delta 88 or a Datsun pickup!
Try a Nissan Altima for lightweight and economical. The Ford Focus is, feels, and runs cheap.