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Another day, another equinox brake issue

got another 05 equinox head gasket car yesterday. cheap. like scrap price
idles fine. overheats.
but, the rear pass side drum is locked. drove it 2 weeks ago. says seller.
e-brake is off. but pulling handle is real easy.
if you think e-brake bits inside drum are extended, what do you do?
i replaced drums on kids vue a few months ago. i should know what the parts look like

Beat on it with a hammer. If that doesn’t work, you might have to cut the drum off.

That’s what seller said. While I waited for tow. He said we need to get inside drum. It’s awd and tire does slide on gravel driveway. But, it will be on my paved driveway this morning. After tow. Tow details are interesting. It’s in transit now. ETA, 1 hr

It’s the equinox! Do owners celebrate?

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Nah, it’s my hobby. #3 now.

I just had a vision of the future. There are places that specialize in hard to find parts for specific makes, like Caddy Daddy, Golden State Chevy Truck Parts, T-Bird Ranch. In a dozen years everyone who needs Equinox parts will search for Cavell’s House of 'Noxes.


23 hrs ago it was 120 miles from my house. Need to order a gasket set. Used a BFh on the rear drum.
no broke exh studs also. woohoo

If the shoe retainers have heads on the backside of the retaining plate, I use an air chisel to remove them. Then I pull the drum off and everything comes with it…

front head gasket looked ok. nothing really stood out as deteriorated. the left exh valve does have a bit of a crescent shaped stain while the other 2 seem more even.been told the whitish color is due to ash buildup. as motor is 200k. the rear downpipe bolts are sorta hard to reach since the awd rear driveshaft is partially in the way. i let my dad have his 24" extension back. i need to borrow it again.

That is cause for celebration.
The last one I did, one nut came off barking all the way, one stud reluctantly came out and the last stud promptly snapped off. All three scenarios in one…

i drove car around block. maybe 60 sec? started taking it apart. took off surge tank cap and it went WHOOSH. as it was pressurized. so, i am pretty sure combustion gas is going into coolant system. am curious to see what rear gasket looks like. i drained oil and it was correct amount and black. no milkshake.
bottom of oil fill cap had a small amount of oily creamy stuff.