05 Chevy Equinox issues

So, the head gasket in my equinox went. My buddy (who is a mechanic) and I tore into her and replaced the gaskets from the cylindar heads up. Put everything back together fired her up and she ran. However, once she was running we heard an obnoxious knocking noise. We didnt touch timing OR the camshaft as the engine is NOT an overhead cam engine. We decided to shut the vehicle off and give it a night and get back to it the next day. The next day we go to fire her up and she doesnt want to run. So we hook her up to a computer and she’s throwing a code for the Camshaft Positioning Sensor. We replace the sensor and she still doesnt want to run. She’ll turn over and try to start but dies right out. This is my first attempt at a job like this so I was more of a helper in the project, but my buddy IS a mechanic and has done head gaskets before. He knows his stuff, but even he is stumped on this. Does anyone have ANY ideas on what might be going on?

Consult the shop manual for what it suggests for that particular code. It may be the new cam sensor is bad too. Unlikely, but possible. Also, you may not have re-connected everything up the way it was before. First thing, make sure you are getting a good spark at the spark plugs during cranking. And check the spark timing during cranking. Still no go? After that I’d probably test the compression and the fuel pressure.

Be sure to monitor the coolant temp when & if the engine runs. You may have an air pocket in the coolant. I had a problem w/my Corolla where there was an air pocket in the coolant which made the water pump make a weird sound. Fixed it straight away by bleeding the air from the coolant.

Did you put the push rods back in the original positions? The exhaust push rods are 1/4" longer than the intake push rods.

Nevada, We did put the push rods back in the origional positions. We were very careful about that, and about everything else really.

George, didnt think of checking the spark timing. will try that.

I’m not liking the sound of this tune. I suggest you check the compression. The obnoxious noise you heard may have been ( and I hope this isn’t true) the valves bending. If the compression is low then there is more trouble than you bargained for.