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Engine checklight 01 Toyota Camry

How do you turn off a engine checklight on a 01 Toyota Camry if it remains on?

You have to scan the computer for code(s), and then repair whatever problem is making the light turn on. Autozone will do this for free.

Unless this was already done and the problem was corrected. Which is it?

If the light remains on after a week of driving, likely the problem that caused the light likely remains. Have you determined what triggered the light and have your resolved that problem?

Are there any symptoms of a problem? Does the engine run perfectly, and get the same mileage as before?

Best thing is to clear it with a scanner. If it is like our 1999 – and I think it is, removing the 15 amp EFI fuse in the fusebox under the hood for a few seconds will probably do it. The are two things called EFI. You want the little blue one that probably says 15 on top. Or you can remove the negative battery terminal for a few seconds – which will work for sure, but will cost you your radio presets.

Don’t be surprised if the light comes back on after one or two starts. Usually the check engine light will clear on its own if the condition that caused it isn’t seen for a few starts. That hasn’t happened, so it’s likely that you have some sort of problem. You’ll need to get the codes read. Most Autozone stores will do it for Free.