An overview of electric vehicles

… that will hit the marketplace w/in the next year. I saw a TV commercial yesterday for the new Cadillac Lyric, and I thought that it is very nice-looking.

Hot New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon - Consumer Reports

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Way cool. Too bad there aren’t any sports cars listed. I saw a few I might be interested in too, even if they are SUVs. Having a frunk is a plus for me. The prices seem comparable to ICE versions of similar vehicles too. I got a good laugh from the 10 minute sell out time for the first version of the HUMMER EV, and at over $100,000 too.

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The lease on my wife’s Hyundai Elantra ends next June, and even though there is no financial justification in doing so, i think i’ll lease an electric Hyundai Ionic.


Arguably the E-tron is. Under the skin it’s basically a Porsche Taycan. But I think the old definition of sports car is nearly dead anyway, because people these days associate “sports car” more with Corvettes than MGs. Give it a big nasty engine and a low-slung look and, boom, it’s a “sports car.” And on that, Tesla’s working on the next gen Roadster, Lambo’s working on the Terzo Millennio, and there are several Tesla wannabes working on electric sports/super/hyper cars.

I think of the Taycan as a sedan, not a sports car. The Corvette is a sports car to me. If you want to further categorize it, I’d call it a GT type sports car. I’m sure the Taycan is a great car, but I was thinking more of the 2 seater variety with great handling. The Taycan surely has great handling for a large sedan, but it couldn’t be as nimble as a 718. A Cayman EV is more like it.

So do I, but we’re being ever increasingly outvoted. :wink:

And that’s problem #2. The gen-2 Tesla Roadster looks like it will be exactly what you want (at least, once Musk gives up on the idiotic “air rockets” idea). But it’s also gonna be a squillion dollars.

The days of nimble, 2 seat sports cars that normal people can afford are almost entirely over. If Mazda ever decides to throw in the Miata towel, we’ll be lucky if people don’t start considering F150’s to be “sports cars.” :wink:

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I could see Mazda going EV or at least the rotary plug in hybrid with the MX5 before they just throw in the towel. They’ve sold between 5,000 and 11,000 a year since 2008

An EV Miata would be absolutely awesome. Sign me up!

And yeah, I don’t think Mazda will stop making that car any time soon, but after Toyota killed the MR-Spyder, they’re the only car maker making an affordable 2 seat convertible.

I’d be right behind you, I could work with the range if it’s similar to the MX-30 just need to plan charge stops, which finding chargers is easier to do than it was a couple years ago.

The idea of a true sports car and battery packs, seem dumb to me. How do you balance light weight for great handling with heavy battery packs for range? A nimble track car with a100 mile rang or a 300 mile slug?

Of course, if you believe everything on the intrnet a battery with a 12THOUSAND mile range is just about ready for production. Invest here now before you miss this opportunity!!

Use a frame designed for batteries under the passenger compartment. That helps lower the center of gravity and move the center of mass closer to the center of the car. Here’s one that VW uses.

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Don’t know for how long, but you can still get an Alfa Romeo 4c Spyder and Fiat 124 Sport, both with turbo 4 cylinder engines. The 4C is quite dear (starts at $67,150 but the 124 starts at $25,390. Of note, the 124, while looks-wise is evocative of the 124 of old, is now a true 2 seater and not a 4 seater, as the old 124 was (although, like most small cars, the back seat was better served for children and pets, not grown up people).

any left on dealer lots are 2020 models

I understand that lowering and centering the mass improves handling for that weight of vehicle but it does nothing to negate the effects of added weight on nimbleness and acceleration, braking or fuel economy. Added weight also requires bigger brakes, wheels and tires which also increase weight even more. any complaints I read about electric cars are the feel and performance and non-lineal nature of the brakes.

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The Mustang Mach E weighs about 11% more than the Edge. That doesn’t seem like much of a difference to me.

I saw one on the road a few days ago, and I have to say that it is a very nice-looking vehicle.
No, I’m not about to buy one, but, IMHO, it is much more attractive than most Tesla models.

I cannot yet say if 11% more weight is too much because Ford put a lot of idtformation onlin but I can’t find the length,with, seating and cargo capacity. Unless they are the same in cargo and passenger capacity comparisons abought weight are meaningless. We were talking about sports cars, 11% would be huge in the same class car.

Not exactly the same but really close, from the numbers i can find. The Mach-e weighs in around 400lbs heavier than the Edge.