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An excellent cleaner for your alloy wheels!

If you haven’t tried Krud Kutter, I can recommend it highly. After seeing how effective it is on a grimy stovetop, I decided to try it on my alloy wheels, and I would say that it is the best wheel cleaner that I ever used–even if it isn’t specifically an automotive product.

It is manufactured by the Rustoleum company, and it has no noxious fumes, is non-toxic, and is biodegradable. My local supermarket doesn’t carry it, but I was able to find it at Lowe’s, and I would assume that Home Depot probably sells it also.


I will check that out. I have tried a number of products and found most to be OK. None are “no touch” even if they claim to be!

According to Rustoleum’s website they actually market 4 automotive cleaning products. One of them is Krud Kutter Automotive Cleaner/Degreaser

Brake dust is listed as one item it is intended to remove.

I just threw a bottle of this stuff out. I cleaned my kitchen trash can out with it, and it stunk so horribly I threw out the whole bottle… and the trash can. I was unable to get the stench out.

Beware!!! :skull_and_crossbones:

MB–To which product are you referring?
I have used two bottles of Krud Kutter so far, and neither of them had much of an odor. And, even the odor that was present was very benign.

I used the “domestic” version of Krud Kutter. Are you referring to that version, or to the automotive version, to which CSA referred?

I don’t know exactly. I know it was high-strength for tough jobs, but I’ve thrown the bottle out so I can’t check which product it was. It might be wise to see if you can take a whiff of any Krud Kutter before buying.


I just opened the bottle of KK that I have, and it has almost no odor, so it couldn’t have been this version, which is labeled as “Original”. Yours must have been some super-duper version for particularly grimy clean-ups.

You’re probably right. I usually go for the “big guns” with stuff like this.