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Amazing Wheel Cleaner Product I Didn't Know I had... I'm Hooked!

The other day, I got to looking at the aluminum wheels our family cars. Some had road grime and brake dust on them. Our oldest car’s wheels were pretty bad.

I thought I was out of wheel cleaner, so I picked up a bottle when I was in town, recently. It was the regular spray cleaner that had a label boasting of its superiority to other products.

I tried it on the grubby wheels, carefully following the directions. It spays on and foams. It was not going well, even with elbow grease and a brush. Then when I went into my car supplies cabinet for something and to my surprise I found a brand new, never used spray bottle of another cleaner “I don’t recall” purchasing (A Hillary moment, I guess).

You spray it on and it foams a cool looking greenish-yellow. As it encounters grime it turns to a nice merlot wine colored (dark red) liquid and starts to run away with the dirt! It works waaaay better and much easier than my generic cleaner. It’s almost fun to use!

I have no dog in this fight, don’t own stock in the company, etcetera, but the stuff is called DUB.
I will buy more as needed. Any body else use it?

I’ve tried a few wheel cleaners but just use Bleech White on the tires and wheels with a scrubbing. The problem I have is on the inside of the wheel where you can’t get at it with a brush unless you take the wheel off. Maybe the DUB stuff would work good on that.

DUB is made by Meguiars, so it’s legit. Some comments talked about how it had a bad odor - true?

“Some comments talked about how it a bad odor - true?”


It couldn’t have been too bad because “I couldn’t recall” even noticing it while cleaning. Could be I was having to much fun watching it change colors and clean my wheels [?], but you caused me to get up and go smell it. I wouldn’t use it as cologne, but I had to get my nose close to it smell it. It doesn’t smell great.

Since it’s used outdoors and gets thoroughly rinsed, I wouldn’t list odor as a negative in evaluating this cleaner. Perhaps if smelled like cologne or grape jelly it wouldn’t work as well. Who knows?

I see online that my local Advance Auto Parts has it on sale for about 7 bucks (22 oz.). I vaguely recall buying it there on sale a while back and putting it away.

“The problem I have is on the inside of the wheel where you can’t get at it with a brush unless you take the wheel off. Maybe the DUB stuff would work good on that.”


Obviously, it would be tough to do through the spokes. I can’t tell how bad your wheels are in there or the results you’d be satisfied having.

My wheels are crusted inside and the DUB will probably take the stuff off, but would need some brush and elbow grease assist. Also, on mine I’d have to apply, scrub, rinse, and repeat, possibly several times.

As much as I am impressed with the DUB compared with regular cleaner, it’s doubtful that you’d be able to spray the inside with cleaner and rinse off all the debris. I did the “outsides” and it looked great to me.