An Election Based on Gas?

I don’t think that anyone lied. Cheney et al truly believed that there were WMDs and they were wrong.

I would really like to believe that, but I believe they simply didn’t care what was true; they just went with the story that supported their agenda. One book I read claimed that the 9/11 attack actually delayed the planned invasion of iraq by about a year; I don’t know if I believe that, but I do honestly believe the invasion had nothing to do with WMDs or any other legitimate threat to the US.

" Politics has no place here! "

We would all like to think so…but as soon as the discussion gets to oil/gas prices, it happens. So, do I replace the floor boards on my 29 Nash with something a little more substantial and safer than the wood that was there.

Amen. Whoops! Sorry to insert religion into the “discussion”!

No. I’ve restored a couple of old cars and my theory has always been to keep it as original as possible. It’s like restoring a piece of history; you want to show how the car was when it was made. Much more interesting and valuable that way.