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An attentive listener!

‘Mr. Flores’s truck blared with an alarm that he couldn’t turn off. He turned up the classic rock on the radio to drown out the sound.’

My mil just takes out her hearing aids, hate that ding ding ding she says

Kinda like Howard Hughes. He had a constant ringing in his ears and the loud drone of the aircraft engines must have drowned that out to some extent.

Mr. Flores (immigrant US citizen) said that he thinks the Mexican truck drivers should get in line and pay their dues as he did to earn the right to drive in the USA. I work with a man from Chile that told me the same thing. His parents moved to the USA and worked hard to earn US citizenship for them and their children in legitimate businesses. Amnesty and some temporary immigrant labor bother him because they had to work so hard to make it and become citizens. He does go to Home Depot to hire day laborers for work at his home when it is too much for just him. He strongly suspects that they don’t have green cards, but does it anyway. Interesting.