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Amusing Russian cartoon about auto repair


Actually, that cartoon on the left reminds me of trips to the pick a part junkyard around here

When you’re under a car, removing parts, low-lifes are hanging around, trying to steal the parts you’ve already removed, or even worse, trying to steal your tools

At that place, if you literally don’t keep a hand on something, it might disappear

And what always cracks me up the most, is when the guys bring their wives along, who are invariably wearing a dress and high heels. Seems like about the worst possible place, to be clothed like that

Once he gets the bird problem under control, he should check the sway bar link bushings while he’s under there. Might as well give the CV boots a good washing too, oh, besides it being oval rather than round, the driver’s side front looks to have a camber problem … lol …

You live in the most god-awful place. I’ve always been alone in the junk yard; I never see anyone in them when I bicycle by on the shared-use-trail that goes by the back side of all the ones on south Broadway in Albuquerque; I wonder how they stay in business.

I live in Los Angeles . . . if that qualifies as god-awful, so be it

At pick-a-part, you are never alone

And if you happen to go on a half-price weekend, you’ll really see some crowds

If you want to get rock bottom prices on used parts, you have to deal with some unpleasantries