Amount I should sell this for

I have a 1980 chevy malibu classic 4 door sedan in mint condition. It has only 33,000 miles on it. All original! How much should I sell this car for? It runs great, stored in the rust!mint!

You should sell it for the most you can get.

I suggest you check or eBay to see what similar cars are selling for.

This isn’t a collectible classic car. Even in great shape it isn’t worth too much. My guess is $500 to 1000.

2-door 1970 with V-8? $10000.
4-door 1980 with V-6? $1000.

Don’t.Keep storing it for 20 more years !

This is not a particularly desirable car, so don’t expect much for it. If someone really likes it, they might give you two or three grand, tops, for it. Too bad it’s not a two door or an El Camino, then it would be worth something. Not a whole lot of something, but it would certainly be easier to sell.

One way to find out what it’s worth - put it up for sale on Ebay with a high reserve, see where it gets bid to. Probably in the $2k-$3k range, but that’s a guess. If you’re happy with the top bid, contact that bidder and make a deal.