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My son lost the key to his 2004 KIA Amanti. The local KIA dealership have not been able to program a new key and don’t know why. They now want to investigate another 5 hours to diagnose the problem. Is it possible to bypass the computer and just use the physical key? If not, do anyone have another suggestion? We don’t want to overspend for such a old vehicle but we do need a solution soon. Thanks

Try it. Most cars today come with one or two “main” keys and one “valet” key. The valet key will open and operate the vehicle, but not open secured arras like the glovebox and trunk.

If the “physical key” is the valet key, it will open and operate the vehicle, and ACE hardware (along with many others) can make a fully operational duplicate.

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My Dad gave my youngest a 2003 Ford Taurus. It had been sitting in his driveway for 6 months and the battery was dead with a cracked case. I replaced the battery and was unable to start the car because it did not recognize the only key I had.

I had a locksmith come out and reprogram the key. The key reprogram was ~$90 and I had a spare key cut and programmed for another $150. Expensive, but probably much less than a dealer.

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Ed B.


The dealer could be holding the key to the key problem…

Do you know if they consulted any Kia Technical Service Bulletins? I would ask if you don’t know.

5 page Kia Technical Service Bulletin #KT2005022529 (with matrix charts) was written to assist Kia Technicians with replacing keys and has instructions for situations where the key code is known and where the key code is unknown.

However, the charts in the bulletin give information for models other than Amanti. For the 2004 Amanti the bulletin charts say:

"Until Further Notice: Contact Kia Technical Assistance for duplication instruction procedures 1 800 494-4542."


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