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2005 Kia Amanti Intermittently not starting

My 2005 Kia, with 139K miles has developed an intermittent symptom of refusing to start. When this happens, the flashers come on and there is no sound from the starter…dead…nothing. I accidentally discovered a way to make it start when I got out and opened the trunk . After closing the trunk, the car started right up. someone told me this may ne related to my alarm system. 5 or 6 times, I have had it happen and solved it with the trunk action.
Before this all started, the driver’s door lock stopped depressing to lock the car, using the remote, and I have to manually lock it or use the key,
3 repair shops, including my local Kia dealer tell me that they cannot diagnose the problem unless it is doing it, but due to the randomness of the issue I can’t fix it.
I love my Amanti and have kept it serviced and maintained, but am afraid it’s time to replace it.
Any ideas?

Since the drivers lock isthe one messing up, it may be failing wires, one very common place of failure is where the wires go from the body to the door. Is disabling the alarm system a viable option? The dealer or manual may be able to help you with that.

I don’t know Kias or their security system. But pretty much all of these OEM systems have an indicator light, and the indicator light tells you about the status of the system. Perhaps someone here knows exactly what Kias are programmed to do and will tell you. But in the meantime, open up your owner’s manual (or search the web for one if you don’t have it), and learn about what that light does when. This way you can find out if it’s really a security system issue or not.