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Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who owns a Mitsubishi Raider? My 2007 Duro-Cross is so-far-so-good. Shame on me for not looking closer before buying (I was between a rock and a hard place for wheels and rushed in) but come to find out I really bought a Chrysler-bishi, manufactured by Daimler-Chryler. I have never seen another one on the road.

Yep! There was only ONE produced!

Look on the bright side; when you’re ready to sell it you can advertise it as “rare.”

These things sometimes happen. We had a 1976 Dodge Colt (a dressed up Mitsubishi Lancer really), but because for a while this car was also sold by Plymouth as well as Dodge dealers, the car was a Plymouth Colt with three Plymouth logos on it. When I went to register it with the DMV, they said “your car does not exist”, as only a dedicated civil servant can say.

I asked them to come outside and look at the car, and they would not change their mind; my Plymouth Colt was not in their computer bank and it had to be a Dodge! I have never seen another one like it.

When I worked in a Chrysler/Plymouth dealership back in the 70s, one of the new cars that came off the deliver truck had “Dodge Aspen” nameplates on one side of it and “Plymouth Volare” nameplates on the other side.

I’m sure someone in the factory had fun doing that. We sure got a good laugh, but we had to fix it before the car got sold.

I remember the Plymouth Champ.

When I bought my NEW GMC S-15…before delivery the dealership had to replace the Rear Tailgate…It said Chevrolet. Three of their trucks were delivered that way. And probably some Chevy dealer is dealing with a GMC tailgate.

I have seen two so far, but that still qualifies them as rare in my book.

A friend of mine replaced the front clip of his Montero with parts from a Dodge Raider in the boneyard after he hit a deer. Does that count as a Mitsubishi Raider?

Thats a really good one!
Maybe he can next build a Zero-Sun

I heard the second one was accidentally shot during deer season so there is only one left. Too bad - no chance for repopulating now!

When bankrupt car companies start grasping at straws, the results can be somewhat amazing…