2014 Ford Transit Connect opinions


Hi Guys, My name is Joseph, I’m thinking about buying the Ford Transit Connect Wagon. Have you guys reviewed this passenger wagon? Can you advise.


Joseph , this is a Forum so I don’t know who you are trying to reach. Just use Google and search for reviews for anything you are interested in .


Sorry Joseph. I have never had a test of that, nor can I find a review from any of my peers. I will say this: One of the few vehicles you will ever drive that is made in Turkey. Kolay Gelsin. (Good luck)


A simple Google search found a decent review by Road and Track of the 2014 plus others .


I know, but I have a very low opinion of Road and Track Car and Driver, etc’s reviews of family vehicles. They only do it grudgingly and evaluate every family vehicle as if you’d have to be crazy not to buy the BMW M3 instead.