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Am I potentially liable? (1994 Grand Cherokee)

 Most of the time you have to hold the gas peddle down a little to start the car. Then it won't idle unless you keep the gas peddle down a little for about 5 to 10 minutes. ALSO, when backing up,  the engine will die when you take your foot off the gas. So you have to throw it into neutral, or you can back-up if you don't hardly give it any gas. It used to die some times when you pulled your foot off the gas when going around a corner, but that seems to have been fixed. I've had mechanics try to fix this for several years. Things replaced: Throttle Position Sensor in 08, Idle Air valve in 08, Map Sensor in 2012, Cleaned Throttle in 2014, & Map Sensor again in 2016.
If I were to sell this car privately, could I be liable if someone gets injured  driving it? Thank you so much! Greg

That’s a question for Legal Talk, not Car Talk.

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I would say no, you wouldn’t be liable

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Wentwest can correct me but on a casual non-dealer sale it is “as is where is”, especially if you print it on the sales document. You are not expected to know anything about cars but as a courtesy I would explain how to keep it running.

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I always feared selling a car, did not want repercussions from some whacko because they know where I live if something went wrong in a week or 2. Even had some guy trying to contact me 2 years after he bought a truck I sold, I got one message, hey that ford ranger I bought, delete message and blocked number. so for $2000 loss I am going to trade in my 03 rather than dealing with the hassle of selling it privately. As is on the bill of sale generally holds up from my understanding.

You can sell the vehicle with the implicit bill of sale that states AS-IS and no warranties implied.

How often do you have to peddle the gas pedal?

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Thanks, I’d never heard of Legal Talk.

I guess my first question actually was “how to fix the problem”? You seem to be a natural for that question as well!? Thanks so much!

Thanks Bing, I’d like to fix the problem most of all, if anyone would have info in that direction.

I seem to be having the same fears! most of all I’d like to fix the problem if anyone had information in that direction?

Thanks! Most of all I’d like to fix the problem if anyone had information in that direction?

I wouldn’t have to peddle it at all if somebody could help me fix the problem. Thanks

The first thing I’d do is change the idle air control valve if this Jeep has one. Then I’d clean the throttle body. Unless you’re mechanically inclined or at least familiar with these types of things you may be best served with having a mechanic fix it.

At least on GM there is a procedure for re-establishing the idle air control pintle. You want to check the book for the correct procedure.

Thanks! I had the Idle Air Control replaced in 2008 & the Throttle body cleaned in 2014 & I’ve still got what’s left of the problem even though there were improvements. I’ve noticed not all new or rebuilt parts come out perfect every time? Maybe I should do both again anyway? Thanks again!

2008 was a very long time ago!

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Thanks again Bing! It all helps!

I hear ya!

I presume OP edited the liability question out of the top post, and is now asking what’s causing the idle/stalling problem. My guess is either a faulty idle air control or engine coolant temp sensor. Those two gadgets are key components in order to maintain the proper idle rpm as the car warms up.

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