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"Always on" power outlets

My 2008 Saturn Aura has 2 power outlets, both of which are always hot. I have my portable gps conneted to one, so it’s always on. Even if I turn the unit off, it’s still receiving signals if it’s getting power. At work, I park in a garage where the unit can’t receive a signal, so it’s constantly searching for one. I’m concerned this will be a drain on the battery. Will it? What would it take to re-wire one of the outlets so it’s only hot when the ignition is on?

It would be much simpler to unplug it when you’re not using it.

The power drain from your gps is too small to affect the car battery. But if you are concerned, why not just unplug it?

Do you need a GPS to find your workplace?

…or even just switch it off?

If you turn the GPS off then surely all that would happen is it would charge the GPS battery???