(1) Has anyone had alternator issues with late model Ford products? I do not see anything on the recall list.

(2) Are “new” alternators ever used in repairs or is it always re-built A?

Alternators are a common replacement part and “new” ones are seldom used. The quality of rebuilds varies greatly. You get what you pay for…The best ones have a “lifetime” guarantee.

You might get a new alternator if you had one replaced at a Ford dealer. Otherwise you’d get a rebuilt one. Over the years I’ve installed rebuilt alternators on several of my vehicles and never had any problems.

My Chevy V8 had a Bosch rebuilt alternator, which, I’m sure had never seen Germany. If the alternator model is new, and it fails on a new car, you would likely get a new one. Otherwise, even dealers use “factory approved” rebuilt units.

I changed a GM alternator under warranty. It was on a S-Blazer and the SUV had a “Batt” light and showed no charge. Several months later I was told GM tested the alternator and found nothing wrong with it. I was made to demonstrate my diagnostic procedure or be back-flaged.

To answer the OP, even the Dealer will use re-built alternators. I can’t say for sure when it is determined that a new part will be used, perhaps on a problem car?