3 alternators in 4 years

I have a 99 Ford Taurus. I’m on my 3rd alternator in 4 years. Thankfully, that part always has a lifetime warranty, but this is getting a little ridiculous. Any CHEAP way to figure out what’s causing them to go bad?

Where are you getting them from?

Next time, go to a salvage yard and get a factory built used one. Today’s “rebuilt” units are pretty sad…They should AUTOMATICALLY put in a new regulator and diode trio but they don’t. For them, it’s cheaper giving you several free ones…

If there is a connection problem between the output lead of the alternator and the positive battery post it could cause that kind of trouble. Make sure there is less than .2 volts of drop between the alternator output lead and the positive battery post with the engine running and a good load on the electrical system.