Alternator belt

Alternator belt broke four times they didn?t last 5 days each time. I replace water pump, timing belt, Crankshaft pulley and checked alternator. But, broke again. I’m at a loss.

Information, please, such as how the belt s break, and the year, make, model, and engine of the vehicle.

Is the alternator the only thing driven by this belt? Are you sure you’re not over-tightening the belt?
With the belt off, turn the alternator pulley by hand. Push and pull on the alternator pulley. It should turn smoothly, and quietly. Side-wise, there shouldn’t be more than a tiny bit of play when you attempt to rock the pulley side to side. If any noticeable play, replace the alternator. Turn the alternator pulley. If it wobbles, replace the pulley or alternator.
Put the belt on and run the engine. Observe very carefully to see if the belt is running in the same plane (straight) on all the pulleys.