Alternative Fuel for Roadtrip

Hey! I have a 1994 Volvo. It is a great car- only downside is that it gets a little under 20 miles to the gallon. In a few months I’ll be driving from California to Boston, where the car will end up. So, I have strated looking into alternative energy sources for my car. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

I guess a little more information would help.

Do you mean you are looking to find sources of alternative fuels that will work in your 1994 Volvo? Is that a diesel Volvo? If so what kinds of alternative fuels, if any, will function in your Volvo as is?

Alternative fuels could include fryer grease, to sun light.

If your Volvo has a gasoline engine there are no alternative fuels.

Bringing the maintenance up to date might improve the mileage a bit, but I doubt there’s much else you can do.

You talking Nuclear???

What do you mean by alternate fuel sources…I hate to tell you this, but if it runs on gas then you MUST put gas in the tank…Not sure what you’re asking.

Ever see Back to the Future 2? Mr. Fusion worked for the DeLorean, but you will have to wait until 2015 or invent your own flux capacitor.

Seriously, the best alternative is to have the car shipped to Boston by truck or train (diesel) and get yourself a plane ticket (jet fuel).

If your car is getting 20mpg, it needs some maintenance and/or repairs.

In Boston you can make ethanol from beans.

Sell your Volvo, and buy a car that uses the fuel that you want to use to get from California to Boston. Chances are, that car will get better gas mileage.

Also, there is the fact that your Volvo will most likely get better gas mileage than you are used to in California while you are on a cross country trip.

As far as a diesel engine in your Volvo, as far as my research shows me, there wasn’t a single vehicle offered with a diesel engine in 1994. If you are asking if you can simply put diesel fuel in your Volvo and drive to Boston that way, you are going to be really sad the first time you fill the tank.


There is no alternative fuel within the common mans reach for a gasoline engine.

Diesel is another story…Do you have a Diesel…if not your dreamin.

Ive done several Diesel to WVO conversions and they work great…its free fuel. Im drowning in WVO at the moment as I sold my TDi V-Dub a little while ago… Guess I need to pick up another Diesel.

Instead of an alternate fuel, the OP should be thinking in terms of an alternate car for that cross-country trip.

Making a 3,000+ mile trip in a 17 year old car exposes one to a very high probability of mechanical breakdown–possibly in a very remote area.

However, making a 3,000+ mile trip in a 17 year old Volvo exposes one to a very high probability of a hugely expensive mechanical breakdown–possibly in a very remote area.

Whitenoise–Do you really want to be in the position of having to decide whether to spend more than the car’s book value for repairs when you are in an area where you have no mechanics with whom you are familiar?

The only cheap viable alternative energy would be a mast and sail but that could pose a problem depending on wind direction, wind speed, and mast height in relation to Interstate overpasses.

Your best and cheapest option is to tune the car up and inflate the tires to the proper pressure, or maybe a couple of pounds over and live with the mileage the car gets.

Another option could be for you to fly to Boston and have the car shipped by transport.
Personally, I’d rather hitchhike than fly on an airline but to each his own.

Someone’s already done that :wink:

Did you mean methane?

LOL…Maybe me or OK45 or VDC should pile in your VUVU with you…cause you are definitely going to need a mechanic or 2 on point on this trip.

Yeah i think the comment about an entirely different vehicle is in play here…ESPECIALLY if the Volvo you have is NOT a Diesel…and then if it is…and you use WVO…you STILL can have your share of teething issues while using this Free fuel to power the car.