. . .almost losing power while stationary


i don’t know much about cars - this may be an easy question. i have a 1999 honda civic and recently it has started to feel as though it’s going to die whenever i’m stationary (in drive and park). diagnosis?


Are all the maintenance items (oil, oil filter, spark plugs & wires, air filter etc) all up to date?


If you mean it is hard to steer while not moveing the 1st thing I would do is check the air pressure in your front tires. That is if you are not hearing any abnormal sounds.


[b]The problem might be in the idle air circuit. The idle air circuit has a component mounted on the throttle body called an Air By-Pass motor. This device allows idle air past the closed throttle plate when the accelerator is released. If this component is sticking, or if the idle air bleed port is plugged on the throttle body, the engine will idle rough or stall.

First try cleaning the throttle body to if this has any effect. If not, remove the Air By-Pass motor and clean it and the idle air bleed port on the throttle body. If this has no effect, then the Air By-Pass motor may need replacing.



yes - all replaced within the past 4 months