Alloy Rim Repair

Is alloy rim straightening safe and effective for rims that meet service tolerances?

I am trying out Rim-Pro in Tewksbury, MA. for the first time.I would appreciate anyone’s two cents on their own success (or otherwise) stories. I’m a new chatter; do Tom and Ray weigh in on these topics?

ANYTHING made out of metal can be repaired if you have enough money…It’s usually cheaper (and safer) to buy a new rim however.

Tom & Ray NEVER answer questions here, but they occasionally ASK a question, usually non-automotive in nature.

If I had a damaged alloy wheel, I’d shop for a replacement. sells new “take-off” wheels, as opposed to junk yard wheels, which are almost always bent. Someone on eBay might also have a wheel for you.

Done right it should be fine, but getting it right appears not to be something everyone can do.  You also risk the possibility of having an even weaker rim.  OEM Alloy rims are no where as strong as the racing car rims they try to look like or even steel rims that are often lighter. And they are far less expensive.  Unless you have the real think, I would suggest just replacing it.

I have bent alloys repaired at good wheel shops. It may be cheaper to find a used replacement.

I question whether a bent rim pushed back into straightness will be weaker. This ignores the “work hardening” capabilities of metal. With this in mind, I would not be adverse to using a straightened wheel.

I have been in the automotive Body Shop business for many years and have used these repair techniques many times and have yet to see my first failed attempt at repair as long as a qualified facility performs the repair. If a wheel is beyond proper repair that failiity will inform you of that and not perform the repair.