All wooden car - you have to see this masterpiece

Talk about impressive wood working skills, this french cabinet maker crafted an entire working car from wood a few years ago. It’s a beautiful work of art. Amazing.


A work of art by a master craftsman who has a right to be proud.


Had me going for a second there, trying to figure out how he managed to get a wooden engine to be a working engine. But one of the pics shows a regular metal engine in there. :wink:

Very cool car. And it’ll never rust!


Remember seeing an old fire engine all built from wood! Maybe from the 20’s

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If he’s no longer a Frenchman, what is he? I’m not picking on you, Marnet. That’s poor writing and poor editing.

An amazing feat by a talented artisan.


Wood you drive it? Does it run against the grain? Can you board it with confidence?

Please stop me… I can’t help it… Is there a sliver of hope? … I did it again, nooooo…

Beautiful piece of work, He’s quite the craftsman.


@jtsanders Yes, I frequently cringe at how dismal the “quality” of supposedly professional writing is on most news sites. :roll_eyes:


Don’t leaf your day job, but your punny humor is well rooted if perhaps a bit sappy. :+1::grin::rofl:


It is contageous, isn’t it?


Dutch Elm disease?


It’s a true work of art. I love how the use of wood from multiple types of trees has nuances of color and grain that decidedly enhance the artistry of the work. It is as much a true sculpture as anything.

A well known sculptor in Oklahoma, Willard Stone, was a lifelong friend of my dad. I always have marveled at how his carved wood pieces so beautifully make use of the grain of the wood. He explained how he often spent as much or more time handling a piece of wood, studying it, thinking, and mentally picturing what he wanted to achieve than in the actual carving and finishing of a sculture.

I can easily believe that the maker of this car likely did much the same in choosing which woods to use in what ways making all the pieces and parts for his creation.

It’s interesting how an all wood structure is heavier than if made from metals. It’s not something most people, including me, would normally think of. But then there is good reason why working small model airplanes are made from wood use balsa. Which thought then makes me think of Howard Hugh’s “spruce goose” plane. But now I’m digressing far from cars.

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Here’s another I posted 4 years ago:

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Definitely true artistry!

But, let us not forget that most Franklin automobiles (built in Syracuse, NY) utilized wooden frames. Those expensive, well-made cars were a true anachronism, with air-cooled engines and aluminum bodies, but wooden frames.


It could run on alcohol. If it did, the 2CV might be able to get out of its own way.

In the article’s defense, it appears to be machine-translated from another language. As a comment on the article points out, somehow what was probably “spalted elm” became “mangy elm,” etc.

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Most of the earliest cars had wood frames and floorboards at least until the mid 1900s. Car bodies were built with wood frames covered by sheet metal until the late 30s for most cars. 1934 for the Chrysler Airflow. The first all metal unit body car wasn’t built until the 1925 Lancia and even that car went back to body on frame by 1929 or so.

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Morgan still uses some wood.


I saw that on the wood working board some years ago. Someone had too much time on their hands. I can see the ad. For sale: Fully restored Citroen, many hours invested, no rust, seat pads not included. No reasonable offer refused.

It might have been used in a Varathane commercial but maybe that is just my imagination.

I wonder if it’s as maintenance intensive as a wooden boat.