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All shook up!

My Jeep 2006 Wrangler Unlimited shakes when traveling at speeds between 50 and 60… Please help my fillings are about to fall out. By the way I have had the wheels balanced, it helped a bit but not totally. Please help the dealer is making a mint off me.

Does it happen when you accelerate, when you brake, or both?

Does It Smooth Out Past 60 Or Continue To Shake? Do Bumps Trigger It?

Often when wheels/tires are balanced, they are not checked for run-out and uniformity. This needs to be checked carefully if it hasn’t been. I suspect a defective tire or slightly bent rim. Tires sometimes develop defects.(Even a totally square wheel/tire can be balanced, but will not deliver a smooth ride).

Find a vacant road or parking lot and idle along at a walking pace in the Jeep. See if you can discern a very slight side-to-side movement of the front or rear of the vehicle. Sometimes a wheel/tire problem will present itself in this situation. A slight deflection at 3mph becomes significant at 50mph.

Steering Damper:
Has the dealer checked your Jeep’s steering damper? Apparently the Wrangle has a steering damper, sometimes referred to as a fifth shock absorber for your steering system. There is a Technical Service Bulletin pertaining to Jeep Wrangler steering dampers and their replacement with a “revised” part (there must have been a problem). The bulletin pertains to steering “shimmy” at highway speeds, triggered when hitting a bump. Have a dealer check to see if it applies to your situation.

Good luck!


Awesome, thanks for the info on the Technical Service Bulletin. The dealer keeps telling me that there is not anything wrong, due to they can not reproduce the problem.

You’re Welcome! I Hope It Helps!