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All but Driver's Electric Window have stopped working on Scion XA '06

This winter, 3 of 4 operable electric windows stopped working one night, and haven’t been working since. I suspect that there was a minor residue of ice resisting the motion of the operator, causing the electrical circuit to overload and blow a fuse when I tried to lower one of the windows (I didn’t try all three that icy morning). But I find it odd that it didn’t happen to the Driver’s Window (though I’m profoundly grateful that it still works because toll booths and parking garages would be a nightmare otherwise). I suspect that the Driver’s window is on a separate circuit, while the other three windows are on a different single circuit that has blown a fuse. Can anyone confirm that this is the case in the 2006 Scion XA, and is this standard design procedure with most vehicles?

Are you sure you have the lockout switched on? The little button on the door controls by the driver, that disables all the other controls?

If I understand correctly, you cannot operate the passenger windows from the individual door switches or the driver’s switches. Is that correct? If you have not confirmed this yet, try the passenger windows from each door switch. You might just need a new driver’s switch console. BTW, is your Scion still under warranty?

If all else fails, read the owners manual…“Power Windows”

This surely sounds like the “lockout” switch for the passenger windows was activated. Time to read the Owner’s Manual!