Alfa Romeo making noise between 2400 and 2700 RPMs


I have a 2002 Alfa Romeo 156, 1.8 liter engine. Regardless of the gear it’s in, there is a somewhat loud noise. This also occurs while in Neutral and the engine is “revved”. The noise sounds a bit like a chain being pulled from behind the car. IT also sounds a bit like - imagine this - a wing nut is loose on the air-filter housing and the washer is vibrating on the threaded post. The engine does not have an air-filter housing, but it does sound that way. Also, the noise is too loud to be a “loose nut and vibrating washer”. Any ideas?


This is a long shot. I had an intake gasket replaced on my 2000 Blazer. When I got it back it was making a similar noise under acceleration. I traced the noise to the accelerator pedal cable and back to the throttle body. One of the cable tie downs was not replaced after the repair work was down. I secured the cable with a tie wrap and no more noise.

Ed B.


I think you may be better served asking your question on a European specific Automotive site. Fiat stopped importing Alfas to the USA back in 1995 with the 164 Sedans with V6 only and the old rear wheel drive Spiders.



I appreciate the advice. Tried that and got no where. Hoping someone might have had an idea. I do thank you though.


Ed B.,

Worth a try. At this point, anything is. Thanks!


If you haven’t asked yet, I would try this site.

Seems like the place to ask on newer Alfas.


Sounds like an exhaust heat shield rattle to me. Any muffler shop should be able to find and fix this in a minute.

It’s also a common problem on many cars; not just ARs.


Sometimes you can locate these jingles by listening through a tube, like a vacuum hose. One end at your ear and scan slowly around the engine compartment with the other end until you hear it loudest. It could be something completely insignificant like a loose cable.


Have not heard of that site. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks again!!


Hmmm, now I never consider the muffler. I would have that since it dealt with RPMs, the thought of a tranny issue made more sense. Now thinking of it from the muffler, that make sense. Thanks!!


Outstanding suggestion. I’ll give it a whorl and see what happens. Outstanding suggestion. Thanks!!