Alfa Romeo gets slapped-down by the Italian Government

Alfa’s new, smaller E-SUV will be manufactured in Poland, and the Italian government has ruled that it cannot be named “Milano” because it is not made in Italy. Apparently Italy has stronger Truth in Labeling regulations than the US does.

The new name that Alfa has chosen for this model is “Junior”.

In related news, “Mint Milanos” will now be called “Mint Norwalks”…


Alfa should name it “Sense”. Maybe the Italian government will reject it, because that’s not made in Italy, either.

Let’s see… We have a car make not known for its electrical reliability making an electric car…

Hmm, anyone else see the irony in this?

Maybe it should named Recall:upside_down_face:


This model’s name should be Richiamare, which is the Italian word for recall. Richiamare can also mean “lure” or “decoy”, so I think that–all around–it would be the perfect model name for that vehicle.


Alfa Romeo should have named it the Erne, the national bird of Poland. The name is short, easy to remember, and it is a truly magnificent eagle.

and commonly appears in crossword puzzles.

A Chrysler New Yorker can’t be named that if it’s made in Canada?
Or a Pontiac Parisienne isn’t made in France?