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Alfa Romeo 147 problem

Hi people. First of all thanks for reading the topic.

Yesterday I bought a second hand alfa romeo 1.6 twinspark with 180000 km from 2002. Everything was fine when i did a testride. Also all the other info semed to be right.

But then… I drove home from the cardealer (around 80 km) when i noticed a tikking noise. Then when i try to accelerate I notice I clould not accelerate as fast as in the beginning of the ride. Also when i was driving on the highway and wanted to switch gear, i had a rpm drop when i pressed my clutch (keeping the clutch pressed the rpm would drop rapid and the engine would stall). Als white smoke came out of the exhaust.
Temperature of the engine was fine (around 90 degree). I checked the oil color, and nothing weird. So i guess its not the head gasket.

My friend thinks it is the injection cable. When dissconnecting 2 of the 4 cables there is no sound difference. Disconnecting the other two the engine stops.

Here is the link of a video when i try to start the car.

I hope someone can help me and tell what is wrong or what i can try. If you need more info just tell me, and I will provide the information.

Thanks in advance!!

OP, If at all possible, get(tow) that thing back to the dealer and get Your money back. It’s running on 2 cylinders, hammering and clacking, smoking and steaming. That engine is - in my world - a boat anchor. If not possible, You’ll have to find another engine.
Don’t buy used Alfa’s. They are as expensive as Bentz’s to maintain and even less reliable.
The top is more than likely damaged via the sophisticated valve system. Also, the 2 dead cylinders are not next to each other, I believe - listening to it.
That piece of poorly constructed means of transportation is just not worth it.
I don’t know what kind of customer protection you have in the netherlands (At least, I think the license plate is Dutch). You state You got it from a dealer and now is the time to figure out what protection You have, in case the dealer says it’s Your problem
This is based on Your post and video. If You have more info, then come up with it - such as any water in the radiator, clean or “milky” oil, age of timing belt - km/years and other relevant stuff. You can’t give us too much info.


Thamks you for the information. I am returning the car tomorow!

If interested, there’s a pretty good article in the magazine Practical Classics covering 1970’s through early 90’s Alphas. If you can find a copy, it will tell you what the weak spots on the AF Spider tends to be. I think the 90’s version (the least year of production) of the spider are called S4, and are a pretty good value on the used car market b/c they haven’t quite reached classic status. They have all the technology you expect in the 90’s, electronic port fuel injection and the like. It sounds like the particular sample you came up with isn’t such a good one, but I wouldn’t automatically discouint the AR just b/c of that. Find a better example is all. I think the Practical Classics issue with that article is December, 2018.

And it’s a far cry from being a Spider.

Great news. Good luck hunting for another interesting car.

I hear quite a bit of “compression noise” which is high pressure escaping from somewhere in perfect cadence with the pistons movement.

My educated guess? One or more spark plugs came loose and popped out of the cylinder head. Remove that plastic cover and I bet you find one or more spark plugs are popped out. Hopefully they havent stripped out…this can happen when someone either strips the plug in the head…or didnt tighten one or more spark plugs down correctly… Either condition can lead to a stripped out cyl head.

Definitely inform the place you purchased the vehicle from and have them handle it. But I bet one or more plugs popped out of their homes…

What in the world does that have to do with an Alfa 147 ? The 147 was last made in 2010 so this poor person bought an old used small economy car . And it will never be a collectable , stay on topic George.