Alfa Romeo 147 (2001 version)



I am thinking about buying an alfa 147 T spark 1598cc (2001). I have been told that I am crazy to buy one, as the engines are prone to going capputt (due to cam belt going before its time). The car in quesion has 35k on it and seller is to replace cam belt before sale. Can any shed any light as to whether they are a liabilty or not? Love the look and feel of the car!


I have found Italian cars to generally unreliable. Most simply are very high performance cars with an extremely high enjoyment factor. The owners are passionate about their vehicles and feel they are worth it. Italian cars are for drivers, the rest are for riders.


A alfa 147 is a high performance car?


No, at 150 HP is is surely not high performance by USA standards. But the OP can’t live in the States if he wants to buy an Alfa Romeo.

That begs a question: is that 35,000 kilometers or miles on the odometer? As to quality, maybe a Canadian or Euro lurker could help us out.