1986 Alfa Spider ...49,000 miles,one owner

the guys that work on my 01 bmw 330i say i would be nuts to buy the above…do i defy my local version of the tappet brothers and purchase same…asking price is $3,500 which seems reasonable…

Do you have an Alfa mechanic you can take it to for a thorough inspection?

Yes, you would be nuts to buy it, but it will be insanely fun to drive while it is running. Maintenance will be maddening at times, but the joy afterwards will be exhilarating. You may give up on the car after a year or so, but you will never forget it. If you have the money, you would be crazy not to get it, just make sure its running good when you buy it. Don’t make it your daily driver.

I’m with Keith on this. As long as you’re buying it as a hobby car and not a daily driver and it’s in decent shape currently you’ll be buying memories for life. If you think it’ll be a good daily driver you’ll be terribly disappointed. Just imagine needing a part…your local parts store may not stock Alfa parts the way they do GM parts.

I love these cars. But they’re weekend funmobiles, not daily drivers.

The car in presently in a garage -has not been driven for at least six months…interior,body and top and so far as i know engine- are in great shape…there is a garage that caters to European vehicles to whom i would take it before buying same-and no the car would not be used on a daily basis…we are moving to Charleston SC and methinks the car would be a hoot down there…I had a Fiat Brava believe it was a 1986 which was positively the worse car i have ever owned! My other cars have all been bmw’s the 330 types -bought them new and keep same for about 12-14 years so i know a bit about frustration re repairs costs and the relationship of fun to same,should not have put the beemer in the same paragraph as the Fiat by the way…so-have you all had Alfa’s with similar vintage?

If you accept it as a fun, older car that will require a lot of attention, then have your garage look at it. You might also check to see if anyone in Charleston can work on the Alfa. The Bimmer won’t be a problem. BMW and South Carolina are in love with each other. One more thing: There are 4 seasons in SC - early summer, summer, late summer, and Christmas. If oppressive heat and humidity don’t bother you, you could put the top down on the Alfa all year long, save the occasional cold day. Check the local club:

All the repair shops they mention are 4 to 5 hours from Charleston. But the local Alfa club can surely help you with the new toy.

I own a 1987 Alfa Spider and I can assure you that there is nothing mysterious about the car. The Ignition system/Fuel injection is Bosch L-jetronic which was also used in alot of other Makes of that vintage.

I daily drive my Alfa during the good months in New England (160.000 miles and counting.)

Rust is the biggest issue with these cars. Anything else can be easily fixed.

thanks to all those making comments regards the 87 Alfa…I called the owner last nite and told her i would buy (or is it adopt) same…with the stipulation that after a once over with a mechanic that knows European cars confirming it is sound i would write a check…i will certainly contact the local club when we get to Charleston which will hopefully be early winter now living in the midwest…its not the destination but the journey -well worn turn of phrase but apt.

Congratulations! The Alfa is one of the best ‘classic’ cars to get, as long as it’s in decent shape to start with. There’s a great owner community, so the sooner you get connected with it, the better.