Alaska Bound 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo AWD

My jeep has about 135000 miles on it and will be traveling to Alaska with me from Tahoe, CA. The thing seems to run perfectly but the little computer in the console sometimes tells me that my 4wd switch needs service. Also, when I take sharp turns the joints click but I think that is due to the AWD and i just try to avoid it at all cost. Any help? Or anything else you would recommend looking out for with this vehicle at its age

You need to take your Jeep to a good independent mechanic and have it completely checked out. The road to Alaska is murder on your suspension and repair shops are few and far between. I’ve been up and down the ALCAN highway twice and I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not an easy trip. You must be prepared and your vehicle has to be in good running order.

94 a Jeep Grand Cherokee ? A position indicator switch which tells you whether or not your car is in which four wheel drive mode and may not be a big deal. After all, in the old days, you knew you were in four wheel drive only when your truck did not get stuck. Have the vehicle fully evaluated on a lift for 4 wd functionality so you will have some confidence about it’s use when needed. Then USE it even when you don’t end it. The biggest problem with these switches is the lack of lubrication as they age due to lack of use. Get all mechanical issues repaired as well.

I have a personal feeling about old jeeps and their reliability beyond the end of my drive, but if it’s been a good ride, make sure your cell phone is in good working order and go for it.

When there is a “click” on sharp turns accompanied by a 4WD shift glitch indicator it would be worthwhile to get the transfer case checked out.