Alarm problems, 1995 Cirrus LX


I have a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus LX, and I can’t figure out how to shut off or disable the alarm.

I no longer have the electronic key-chain-fob remote. Locking the doors manually is fine, but if I forget and use the electronic door lock switch on the door (or if a passenger does), this arms the alarm, and once it goes off I can’t shut it off or cancel it any way that I can find. (I did pull the fuse for the horn so I can at least work on this without the neighbor’s ire.)

Unlocking the driver or passenger door from outside with the key does not disable it, nor does holding the key in the “unlock” position for a few seconds, nor does turning it to “unlock” multiple times in succession. That last idea also does not lock or unlock the other doors, so I evidently don’t have that option installed.

There is no button under the steering wheel that I can find - I’m reasonably sure this is a factory alarm.

I also don’t have an original key, only copies; did the original key have some electronic brains necessary to disable the alarm when unlocking from outside maybe?

I’m running out of ideas…



Did The Cirrus Owner’s Manual Offer Any Help ?


Nope. It tells you how to use the remote that I don’t have, and also claims that unlocking the front door from outside with the key will disarm the alarm - but it doesn’t.

I also tried disconnecting the battery (well, really, the cables labeled “jump start points”, which I imagine disconnects other things too) in hopes that it would reset it, but no luck. I tried lifting both the positive and negative sides; either will stop the alarm, but it comes back on again when reconnected.

My 95 cirrus has a similar issue. When I unlock the driver door it always tries to relock. If i pull the door handle too soon the alarm goes off. It is a bad keyswitch in the door. I get around it this way. I unlock the door holding the key until the auto relock cycle is done. Wait a sec then open the door. This does not always work but about 90% of the time. If the alarm goes off do not panic. Open the door, close the door, relock, then unlock again. Remember there is a few seconds pause to let the computer catch up. Just jerking the handle the moment the lock pops up will set the alarm again. Hope this helps.

Have you tried starting the car or does the alarm disable the ignition?

The alarm disables the ignition - the engine will start and run for about 1 second and then stops.