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Alarm and dome light problem

On a 1999 Escalade the factory alarm will go on for no reason. When I use the remote key to unlock the car and turn off the alarm the alarm goes off but the dome lights stay on.

What is causing the alarm to go off on its own and why don’t the dome lights go off?

I was told that this could be caused by a faulty door latch.
Has anyone come across this before?

Does your Factory alarm contain a shock sensor? if yes perhaps it has become too sensitive,needs adjustment. I installed many “Dealer installed alarms” on the Escalades cousin the Chevrolet Suburban. They never came from the Factory with a alarm that made a noise (or a alarm of any type),are you sure your alarm is “Factory” or “dealer installed”? Is “dome overide” selected? it will keep the dome light off.

I believe that it is factory installed.

When it goes off the car horn beeps on and off.

I did use the dome overide button to turn the light off.