Al Camelio checks in

Hello Ray,
My name is Al Camelio.
I recently saw a screenshot of Grandma
Camelio’s lobster recipe. Such great memories!
Did your grandmother mention her brother
Sal who had a fruit market in Walpole, MA?
That would be my grandfather, who no doubt taught my father the recipe. I always felt the best part of diving for lobster was the meal that evening.
My brother and I had heard growing up that we had cousins our age “in the city.”
I guess that would be you and your brother,
I should mention that Sal passed away in the late 1940’s, so I never met him.
I guess I should pose an obligatory car
question, but I can’t think of one.
All the best,
Al “Buddy” Camelio

Ray doesn’t frequent this board, to the best of our knowledge. The usual list of suspects lurks around here to help people solve automotive problems or get help when we need it. Maybe the Web Lackeys can pass your message along. Thanks for stopping by, and do come back. @cdaquila, maybe you can help Al contact Ray.