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Aircon not working

Good day

I have a Toyota Yaris 2006 1.3. The air con was working 100% until i replaced the head gasket. After that the air con only works while my car is idling. If i slightly rev the car it cuts out. Took it in to check the coolant level and everything seems to be fine. There is however a strange noise coming from the compressor after i revved the car and when it stops the cold air comes back. Any help will much be appreciated.

The serpentine belt does not have the right tension" TOO LOOSE" to engage the a/c compressor magnetic clutch. Replace the serpentine belt by a new one if its old and cracked.

Hi. Thanks for the reply, fan belt replaced and tentioned correctly but still no luck. The noice is not coming from a loose fan belt

The A/C system may have been over charged when the head gasket was replaced. Did you evacuate and recharge the A/C system during the head gasket replacement?

Hi. No it was not refilled after the heatgasket replacement. It stopped working and then i took it in to check te coolant to make sure if it did not leak out or something. The regas system did not report any faults. Do you think it can be the ECU? The 12v to the pump shuts off when i rev the car and then kicks in after a few moments of idling. If it does not kick in a switck it off an on again then it works