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Airbag warning light

I have a 2005 toyota corolla with 96,000 miles on it. Yesterday my airbag srs warning light came on. The manual says to drive it to a dealer. Can this wait a day or 2 to take to my mechanic? Does this mean the airbag will deploy on own or not at all?

If the light is on, the airbags are deactivated and will not function, even in a crash.

Buckle up!

You can ask your mechanic about this, but he may recommend a visit to the Toyota dealer.

Agreed, when the light is on, the system is non-functional…On newer cars, the problem can be diagnosed and repaired and the air-bag module reset…On many older models, the module must be replaced to restore the system after repairs and the total bill can be staggering…

The dealer might be able to erase the code and let you go. Sometimes the warning light will stay off for years.