Airbag Light Comes On When Passenger Sits Down

I’ve got an '07 Sport Trac that is throwing the airbag light when a passenger sits down. I took it in to the dealership and they said that the trac on the passenger side seat has a signal blocked when somebody sits down. They want $1200 to do the fix, and I don’t want to pay that.

Are there any obvious things I can do or check for? They didn’t dig around for anything, they just hooked it up and pulled the codes with and without someone sitting in the seat to confirm the diagnosis.

Help, please?

Is there a switch option to disable passenger side air bag? if so try flipping it between settings 5 or 6 times.

Unfortunately there is not a switch to disable. The seat has a weight sensor, but it works. The problem is in the signal getting to the RCM when a person over a certain size (I’ve found it’s somewhere between 130-160lbs) sits down.

There is a wiring harness I assume, try disconnecting and reconnecting and looking for any faulted wires alng the route.

There is probably a three position sensor built into the seat upholstery.

Nobody in seat, passenger 'bag disabled.
Child in seat, bag disabled, warning light on.
Adult in seat, all bags armed…

Look under the seat with a flash-light and mirror if necessary. Find the connector for the weight sensor. Disconnect it. See what happens…

Will do, and I’ll let you know!