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Air tire pump wire stuck

Hello, I have a 2017 Toyota Corolla IM and I wanted to inflate my tires at home with my tire pressure pump today and the wire to plug into the 12V outlet is completed stuck and jammed. I cannot get it out. Any suggestions on how to help?

Twist pull and shout?

I tried the twist and pull already a couple of times

If it really jammed and can’t be finessed out, not much choice here but to dig it out. Needle nose pliers can usually pull bits and pieces out of an awkward spot. Cut the wires and buy a new plug and re attach it.

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You may have to break the plug apart while it’s in the port.

f you look, these plugs have one/two ground contacts


If one of these ground contacts breaks, it can act like a barb.

Then the plug can’t be removed from the port.

I had a vehicle come in where they plugged a hand held spotlight into the port and couldn’t remove it.

I had to disconnect the battery and destroy the plug with needle-nose pliers to remove the plug.



Been there done that.

It’s possible that plug will short out out the socket while it’s being wrestled out or broken and extracted bit by bit. Be prepared to put in a new fuse - or remove the fuse beforehand.


I managed to loosen it and got it unplugged this morning. I guess since yesterday was really cold, the wire must have stuck on to the outlet or something. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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