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Air Leak From Hose - Back Passenger Side

I do not know cars. Can someone identify this hose in the back passenger side of my car that is leaking?

How far could I drive with such a leak? Does it need replaced right away?

Can I DIY? Or how much should it cost?

Leak highlighted in red.

That is the leak detection pump for the evaporative emissions system. The vacuum leak will cause the check engine light to illuminate, you can still drive the car.

Remove the rubber elbow and match the inside diameter with vacuum hose available at any auto parts store. Be careful with the plastic line that the elbow is attached to, it may break easily.

What is it that is leaking? Does it smell like gasoline? If so, and it only a drip or two, and isn’t a major leak that pools gasoline, you might want to carry a fire extinguisher with you until you can get it fixed.

fyi, the EPA requires that the car computer test the fuel system once in a while to make sure no gasoline fumes escape to the atmosphere and wastes you money and cause air pollution. That’s what that pump does, sort of like how you’d inflate a balloon to test if it had a leak or not. .