Air intake hose - is it an issue

Hello again guys,
In cleaning my 2000 Honda CR-V LX’s throttle body, I notice the air intake hose that runs from the throttle body to the filter holder assembly is cut in a couple of places.
A $25 replacement hose is available online, so no big deal.
Curious though, are a couple of separation cuts/cracks in the hose creating a problem? I’m not noticing a rough idle. It does idle low (around 600/700 rpm).
Don’t think this vehicle has a Mass Air Flow sensor, so does some cracking on the hose matter.
Would the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor be affected?
Thanks guys. Couldn’t figure out the answer doing research.

The engine doesn’t use a MAF sensor, so there should be no problem.

I would tape the cracks to prevent dirt from entering the engine though.


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Thanks Tester. Will just do the patch using some hi-temp gasket sealant.

Make sure the sealant is sensor safe.


Repairing the cracked one will work short time, but I’d replace it, it’ll keep cracking.

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One caution: Can’t speak to the configuration of your CRV engine, but the version of that hose (really more of a rubber boot) on my Corolla 4afe engine (with MAP, no MAF) has a weird looking empty rubber vessel attached to it. It looks like a lopsided banana. It acts as an air buffer between the air filter and the throttle body. A reservoir of clean air. If the throttle valve is suddenly opened to full throttle it’ll have a supply of air to feed into the engine immediately. This technology has a name, something about resonance as I recall, but whatever it is called, apparently it is important enough to take up considerable space in the engine compartment. The bottom line is that hose should probably be replaced with a new one. Especially if you notice any hesitation, black smoke out the tailpipe, or other symptoms during rapid changes in the throttle position.

As always guys, thanks for your time and the advice.
Just ordered the new hose should be arriving in a few days.
I’ll go ahead and clean out the air filter compartment and put in a new filter (I’m sure it’s due) while I’m at it.

Good , $25 is a small price to pay if you plan on keeping the vehicle . It’s obviously there for a good technical reason that the average owner would not know.