Air induction cleaning service

I have a 2003 Focus with 47,000 miles on it. When I went in for scheduled service they tried to sell me a $99.99 "air induction cleaning service.

I sensed a ripoff and said no. Did I do the right thing?

Yes, you did do the right thing.

But at 47K it could’nt hurt to pull the intake tube off of the throttle body & have a look see.

If the throttle body/plate is “gunked up”, you can clean it up yourself for the price of a can of throttle body cleaner & a few minutes of your time.

Just follow the directions on the can.

This is a common ripoff. Like Wall Street, it is standard and poor. You did right to decline.

This is indeed a ripoff line. Reminds me of when I was looking at TVs and the salesman wanted to sell me a service plan to clean out the “digital filter” every year or so. I guess he though they could vacuum out the remains of dirty movies?

I would find someone else to do my service if I were you. You don’t need to have the dealer do your service.