Air Induction Cleaning

Is there any benefit to air induction cleaning other that helping to support the local repair shop?

Are you experiencing performance problems with the car?
Was the air filter left in place for so long that debris entered the intake passages?
Are you using one of those oil-soaked K&N air filters?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then perhaps you might need this service. If the answers are all “no”, then this concept essentially consists of a wallet-cleaning for you.

If you are experiencing certain engine problems and can see a buildup when looking into the throttle body, then yes a cleaning might help. Be sure that they use a throttle body safe cleaner.

If you are not experiencing any issues, then I would advise against it. Your Ford has a no-clean coating on the throttle body. If a cleaner that is not safe for that coating is used, then the coating would be damaged or removed. After that, you would have to clean the throttle body often since it would be easier for carbon and gunk to stick to it. Personally, I’ve never had any trouble causing buildups on any of the Fords that I have had (of course, I don’t keep them much past 200K miles).