1997 GEO Tracker-sloshing of coolant

My 1997 GEO Tracker has a sloshing of coolant and then the coolant is eventually blown out. The car isn’t overheating at this point. Recently I put Blue Devil in the radiator to fix a slightly blown head gasket. I don’t seem to be losing oil now, but can’t figure where the sloshing is coming from. any suggestions would be helpful.

At the very least, I would be looking at the cooling system (including the radiator) for leaks. It could be the radiator itself or a hose or fitting etc. If you don’t have the equipment or skills to check it out you will need a pro. Don’t neglect the cabin heater as it also runs on that same coolant.

You No Longer Have A Closed Cooling System. Air Is Entering It From Somewhere And The Main Somewhere Is Probably The “Slightly Blown Head Gasket”.

Blue Devil in a can probably isn’t the answer. The devil is in the details and the details include replacing the head gasket.

I also wouldn’t conclude that the engine is not overheating, either. Faulty temperature indications can result from air in the cooling system.

I recommend park it until you fix it or drive it until it blows up (Think beyond slightly blown head gasket to completely blown head gasket), which may not be too far down the road.


Thanks for the comments. The car is not overheating unless I let the water completely evaporate and there are no leaks. How do i check or drain the cabin heater?

pgiven, the head gasket went out on my Buick when I was driving it many yeas ago. Don’t underestimate how expensive and complex this repair would be. I had sensors fouled, and ultimately, a few repairs and trips to the shop before it ran right again. I would encourage you to rest the Tracker until you can have the head gasket replaced. It’s a matter of time before you have a spectacular mess on your hands.

Not to mention, the giant blue cloud that ensued surely released much more pollution that a well maintained car would!