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Air Helper Springs

I own a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. Last year I purchased a hitch mounted cargo rack. These are great, except that the back ends up riding somewhat lower than normal when loaded up with suitcases etc. I was wondering about installing one of those air adjustable helper springs. Can anyone comment about the installation or use of such a system? I would guess that one just adds air until the vehicle appears level, although I’m sure that more capable (and expensive) systems probably have auto-leveling features.

How about a pair of air shocks? They are far easier to install and it may improve your ride at the same time.

Probably a great idea. In fact I used those in the (very) distant past. For some reason those never even came on the radar when I was searching for air adjustable suspension products - just the helper springs. Thanks for posting!

Finally found some Gabriel Hi Jackers. Had to look under Chrysler T&C, as not listed for Dodge GC.

You can’t go wrong with Gabriel. I hope they work.