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Air conditioning

the a/c on my 1998 c 280 cuts in and out. i have checked the freon level and it is OK. my mechanic says i need a compressor and evaporator. he does not think there is any leak.

Is there any history of prior problems with this A/C?

Is your mechanic an A/C specialist? What part of what country do you live in? How who tested the freon level?

Define “checked the freon level”.
What are the high and low side pressures?

Hello - no I have not had any other a/c problems with the car. My mechanic is a former Mercedes service tec. I live in Hawaii, so the a/c is on all the time. The level was checked with some kind of guage, and I beleive he used some kind of light or instrument to check for leaks and some type of pressure guage to check the freon level.