A/C problems in Alabama heat

My wife and I have a 2000 isuzu rodeo and about 6 months ago the a/c in it began to not cool off the car as well. After, we paid closer attention we realized that when the car was sitting idle the air out of the a/c was not cold. We got a mechanic to look at it and so he replaced the blower motor and the low pressure switch but we are still having the same problem. Does anyone know of any possible solutions to our problem. Thanks

I’ll bet the system is low on freon.

Did the guy who checked it out even bother to put a set of gauges on it to see if the system was low?

You need a freon recharge and check for leaks.

The pressures need to be known to make a wild guess.
The vehicle A/C unit is 8 years old now and it’s probably low on refrigerant.

Does it get nice and cold when you’re moving?

High temps at idle are not uncommon in very hot areas. Also, front wheel drive cars with electric fans tend to see higher temps at idle (in my experience) than rear-wheel drive cars that have an engine driven fan.

Abnormally high temps are idle only (and maybe slightly reduced cooling capacity at cruising speed) can be traced back to broken fans or bad fan circuits, clogged condenser, or bent/broken condenser fins. Low refrigerant is also a possibility.


at idle only, I meant to say.

-Matt (again)

thanks for the help guys!! I think he said that he checked the freon level but i will ask to be sure. He replaced the fan and the blower motor before so they should be fine but I will also ask him to see if the condenser is clogged and about the other thing that you mentioned Matt. If you guys have any other suggestions I am all ears because this heatwave is vicious. - Jason

When you say the fan and blower motor, it sounds like you mean the fan that is part of the blower assembly. I was reffering to the fans in front and/or behind the radiator and condenser, in the engine compartment.


I will take your word on that because I really know nothing about cars. But I will mention it to our mechanic and ce what he says. Thanks again.

Start the engine and turn the A/C to Max Cool. Open the hood an observe the radiator fans. They should both be turning, and should run continuously as long as the A/C is running. Anything different would indicate a problem.