Air conditioning shutting off when car stops on Honda CRV

Hi! I have a 2007 Honda CRV. Last year the air conditioning stopped working and my local shop said the compressor went out and replaced it. It’s been a very cold and wet spring so I haven’t needed to use the air until the other day - and discovered it wasn’t working again. Took it back and they said it was a leaky valve - replaced that and recharged it. When I drove it next, it was blowing cold air nicely, but I noticed when I stopped the car at a light, the car kinda shuddered like the engine was going to die. It didn’t and I drove on, but the air conditioning stopped blowing cold air a little bit later. I turned it off, waited a minute and then when I turned it back on, the air was cold again. Every time I stopped the same thing would happen - engine acted like it was going to die and then air stopped working a little later.

I took it back to the shop, but I really don’t want to pay for another compressor! The “new” one isn’t even a year old!


What were the symptoms of the bad compressor?
Did the compressor put debris in the system when it failed?
Was the system cleaned out and other parts replaced (evaporator for one) with the compressor?
Sounds like something’s clogging to me.

The condensor fan may not be working, open the hood and take a look.

I will add that as far as I know, Honda has extended the warranty on the AC compressors for your model (I had an '11 and got the letter). You might want to check with your dealer as far as warranty coverage to see if you can fix it for free.

you spent a lot of money on new compressor. you may or may not have parts warranty. some places will give you up to 1 yr. i cannot see honda giving an 07, which is 7 model years old now any type of warranty. they cannot warranty stuff forever. you need to have tech look at car and install a gauge set to see what pressures the a/c is producing. if you have a system blockage than you can have high pressure and that can stall motor which may explain your stumbling.