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Air conditioning question

my air conditioning on my 1996 chevy s-10 won’t blow out ANY vent. Have replaced the fan motor and the vacuum is functional. Have also checked the vents and are not clogged!!

by any vent, does that include the floor vents or the defrost vents? I bet your blend door is not moving as it should, either because the door is jammed, the control is bad, or the motor (or vac tube depending on how yours works) is bad.

Any vent means none of them at all. Had the blend door checked. There is no significant air flow anywhere. But…there does seem to be a little more air at the defrost vent.

Have you verified that the new fan motor is working? There’s a resister block and a relay in that circuit both of which would be likelier candidates that the motor itself.

New motor is definitely turning. Can see it and hear it…had it all apart

How were the vents checked for blockage?

mechanic took it apart and visually checked it. I checked the upper vents myself

Have you verified that the mechanic put it back together properly? If he misrouted something, or left something out, your air might be blowing back behind the dash.

The fan motor could be wired backwards, and that might not be the mechanics fault. I once bought a new blower motor, aftermarket, and it did not come with a connector, I had to wire the old one in. Unfortunately, the color code of the wires was backwards from the original motor.